Reminder to Myself


What was that? Were you waiting for something colossal to happen? A tree falling, crash on the bridge? Did you have expectations that someone would only post a video where “something happened”; or did you notice the breeze, the swaying swing, the ocean and birds in the background, imagine joyous children playing on that swing in days past?

We are inundated with bad news and happenings by the media, we come to expect them. We start to believe that to live we need the next “big thing” to hook into. Not only bad things either, we need those sensational images of a policeman giving a homeless person shoes in order to renew our spirit.

But we don’t…

There is beauty all around, it will not be fed to us, we must find it ourselves. There is more good than bad, look for it. Live in the moment, enjoy where you are today – right this instant. Don’t confuse serenity with boredom. Find the beauty. Love.





About A Beast Within

Trying to find myself, battling alcoholism, and other personal demons. Sharing the journey. View all posts by A Beast Within

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