Urban Outfitters

Anyone who follows my blog could probably guess that I found this new line of shirts from Urban Outfitters quite disturbing, as did MADD. Especially the “Misery Loves Alcohol” one, which kind of leaves joke territory and moves a bit too close to reality – although I think it would be more accurate if it said “Alcohol Loves Misery.” It’s not just the shirts, but the fact that their target market is 18-24 year olds and the models look like they could still be in high school. Initially I was all fired up to write a rage filled blog post about the socially unconscionable Urban Outfitters, but I decided I don’t need to go there. I believe that anyone who had similar experiences to mine would never produce such a product, but I realize that I cannot project my experiences on others. I also understand that a T-Shirt doesn’t make somebody drink. Corporations will do their thing, and alcohol is glorified by many in American society. I still think it is wrong, but at the end of the day I can only hope that people will vote with their dollars and that these will remain on the shelves.

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4 responses to “Urban Outfitters

  • byebyebeer

    We went to the beach in early summer where seniors go after they graduate to celebrate. Every shirt shop was filled with senior week shirts like this, and it was depressing as hell. Why does the rest of the world glorify being drunk? Why does this attitude seem to be getting more popular? I know it’s our perspective that changed, but it’s really hard to see stuff like this.

  • Lynda M O

    Saddens me to see the constant glorification of drinking. I cannot even have one and be safe so haven’t had any since ’84; it’s ALL so much better that way. I battle pain from a (sober) swimming pool accident in ’75 and while I was looking for relief in a bottle found herb and when it became evident that alcohol was going to kill me or someone i hit driving , I happily gave it up and now use natural plants instead. A huge proponent of not drinking at all, I really support designated drivers; I got to be one while I was sober and still single and loved having that responsibility for my friends.

    Urban Outfitters needs to grow up, get some balls, defend the right life and quit catering to the liquor lobby.

  • Lynda M O

    You’re looking at seven months I just re-noticed. Right on. I’m happy for you and will support your decision one hundred percent.

  • belowhermeans

    The shirts are awful. It doesn’t take someone in recovery to see that. We have to stop marketing poison to our young people.

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