Sobriety, it’s adequate.

Greetings Blog people!  First, I will apologize for not writing in a bit.  I know that you all were waiting with bated breath for my next missive.  Did Lance drink?  What trials and tribulations is he enduring now?  What is happening in his world?  Ahhhh, the self-centeredness of the alcoholic mind.

Before you become alarmed at the title of this post, some explanation is in order.  “Adequate” is my teenage sons new favorite word.  He uses it to describe great, amazing, and fun things – the teenage way of not giving up too much positive feedback.  Q: “Son, how was the trip?” A: “It was pretty adequate Dad.”

In that regard, my sobriety is adequate.  I like the use of the term here.  To me, and me only, my sobriety is amazing, earth-shattering, a miracle that I am more grateful for every day.  To many others it is “adequate”: normal, expected, people shouldn’t necessarily drink to excess and when they don’t it simply isn’t remarkable to others.

There are a lot of little stories I could tell about the adequacy of my sobriety in the last week, but I think I will give it the FedEx fast talker commercial treatment:

I have been present. I have connected with people.  Shared my thoughts and feelings with strangers. Received a call from a man who barely knows me, asking about my welfare. Felt good. Smiled. Laughed. Prayed. Loved. Endured situations that would have previously boiled me over with anger. Slept like a baby. Attended a social gathering where alcohol wasn’t served, and was totally comfortable with that.  Had a meaningful conversation with my mother for the first time in a long while. Helped others.  Enjoyed the moments without wanting to be somewhere else. Lived.

For today, the choice is clear, I will strive to be “adequate” for one more day.


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