It’s all around me…

The friends who didn’t want to start my wife’s healthy diet game (with limited drinking), because “Cinco De Mayo” is coming up.  The friend who wouldn’t BBQ at my house, possibly because he was waiting for his weed connection.  Our friend who is suffering because her friends are not speaking to her over something that was said during a drunken conversation.  And the single mom who, when my wife stopped by, was completely smashed and having trouble walking a straight line – in front of the kids.  All of this just last weekend – another sunny day in the ‘burbs.

My thoughts switch between, “And why is it me that is here?”, “I’m glad I am here”, and “I want to reach out to them”.  I know I cannot reach out, for multiple reasons.  It is too early and I need to focus on myself, a project that was not at all successful this weekend (but no, I didn’t drink).  Also, I have this awareness of a fine line between the AA concept of helping others, and feeding my character defect of having all the answers – and I still need to focus on reminding my self that I do not.  Finally, as an alcoholic myself, I know that it would only be help if they sought it out themselves.

I will take a couple of things from this…  One is that I notice it and it makes me sad, and that is ok.  Not in a “holier than thou” sort of way, but seeing my awareness as progress.  In the past I would not have even registered these things – just another day in the life.  Today, I am aware, and I take them as a reminder, that although I still struggle with life -I am grateful that I am here and doing what I am doing.




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2 responses to “It’s all around me…

  • Renee, The Sober Party Girl

    I wondered if I wasn’t noticing all the excessive drinking because I wasn’t drinking and that it really wasn’t too bad. Now, I am pretty sure its that bad. I am pretty sure we live in a society that wants us to drink and wants us to drink a lot. And that pisses me off. I think its a healthy anger that motivates me to stay sober. But its lonely sometimes, huh? Good luck to you…you are doing the right thing!

  • B. (Below Her Means)

    I find it so interesting that you are aware of your own urge to give advice or counsel when you know you aren’t ready or even qualified to. I feel the same way, so often!

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