Ok, I really don’t want to continually quote song lyrics in this blog, but I love all kinds of music and lately some songs that I have heard for years have been speaking to me in different ways.  The latest was Lynard Skynard’s “Simple Man”, lyrics here if you are interested:  Simple Man Lyrics

You see, I used to think it was fucking cool to be all complicated and shit.  You mere mortals could never hope to navigate or understand the deep complicated being that is Lance, it is beyond your power.  I could and would define, analyze, and complicate everything to the point that only the mystical Lance could possibly figure it out.  All the while putting up a “simple” facade so that you would not think that I thought I was better than you, even though I “knew” that I was.  I would explain to you how I logically and rationally solved this problem of exponential complexity and you would bow down to my great genius.  Completely. Fucking. Wacky.

In recovery we talk about being simple, this song reminds me of that now.  The lyrics themselves are simple, which reinforces the meaning of the words.  I wonder what my life would have been like if I had been exposed to this earlier and really taken it to heart.  One guess:  simple.


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